Huge List of SEO SEM Marketing iPhone Apps

June 7, 2010

SEO iPhone Apps

We’re doing a full review and analysis of all the important SEO, SEM and Analytics iPhone Apps.

$1.990.3*****Jun 7, 2010 review by Charlie

This is an advanced iPhone application for those who are in the SEO industry. It access data from private and public APIs including seomoz, majesticSEO, yahoo and twitter. The Link Juice App provides a plethora of data including backlinks, anchor text, linking domains as well as mozTrust, mozRank and domain cost estimates from SEMRush. Disclosure: We obviously love this app because we built it! We hope you like it too.

$6.990.3*****Jun 7, 2010 review by Charlie

A beautiful application. Just beating AnalyticsApp, this is an excellent application for checking Google Analytics via your iPhone.

$5.990.3*****Jun 7, 2010 review by Charlie

This is the best iPhone app for checking Google Analytics on your iPhone. Similar (but better on many levels) to SenseEarn, this app provides comprehensive access and data in your Google Analytics account. The speed of the app could be improved but aside from this small point, the app is spectacular. Well don to Inblosam LLC who created it.

$0.990.3****Jun 7, 2010 review by Charlie

Another simple, but effective Google Rank Checker provided by the same author as SenseEarn.

0.3****Jun 7, 2010 review by Charlie

This is another well design application for tracking your rankings in Google. It’s ad supported but provides a good service. It’s only available in the US. Good user experience.

$0.990.3****Jun 7, 2010 review by Charlie

This is the best iPhone app for checking Google Adsense on your iPhone. An experienced developer and a useful app for both large and small sites that have Google Adsense.

$0.990.3***Jun 7, 2010 review by Charlie

SEO Search Ranking is a simple but effective iPhone app that scrapes and stores your google rankings for an unlimited number of keywords and domains. It does exactly what it says on the tin but perhaps a little pricey for what you’re getting.

FREE – $129/m0.3***Jun 7, 2010 review by Charlie

Pear Analytics provides a basic analysis of your website and gives certain measurements. This app is free and useful although to get the full benefit, you need to sign up to the full service at Perhaps as useful app for a first glance but it’s aim is to get you to their site and sign up for the paid service which at the moment is $9-$129/month.

$0.990.3**Jun 7, 2010 review by Charlie

Another SEO advice app that performs basic analysis on your website. There is a tips section but this appears to be a feed from the blog section of the website. Not a bad application but definitely in the entry level group.

$9.990.3*Jun 7, 2010 review by Charlie

This is a very low level app that looks at the source code of your website and provides some statistical analysis. The source code is inspected and analysis is performed on areas such as Meta tags, phrase match and keyword density. This app is only available in the US app store at a rather steep $9.99. Unfortunately analysis at this level is not best suited to the small screen of the iPhone. This app appears to be discontinued.

$2.990.3*Jun 7, 2010 review by Charlie

Similar to proSEO (but maintained), vital onpage SEO elements of a site/page are accessed using this application. Unfortunately, this app has received many poor reviews due to the lack of accuracy.

$9.990.3*Jun 7, 2010 review by Charlie

This expensive app is disappointing. Full of bugs which hamper its usefulness and only a small feature set. The app provides basic checking of key SEO requirements on your site e.g. h1 tags.

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