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June 14, 2010

We have built what we think is the best SEO iPhone app available. Can it be better? Of course it can! We’ve listened to your feedback and we’ve made it even better!

Firstly, many, many thanks to all the testers and those who have left us reviews around the web and via itunes. All that feedback, both positive and negative is great – we use it to make our app even better. So, what did you ask for? Well, let’s highlight a few of them.


link juice iphone app domain edit

“It took me a while to figure out how to change the domain”
“It is not intuitive that you must hit back to submit the new URL”

Many of You

You’re right! We’ve improved this by making the domain entry field clearer and making it more in line with apple standards (HIG). We’ve also removed the slightly annoying edit screen that required you to press back to go forward. Duh! Now, it’s clean, simple, elegant and more importantly, it works!

More Metrics

top pages seomoz detail for wolf-howl.com

“I’d like to see Top Pages”
“I would like to see mozRank”
“Domain mozRank shouldn’t be rounded”

Danny Dover, SEOmoz

Your wish is our command. We’ve included the Top Pages metric available from SEOmoz. This metric gives you a page by page analysis of your domain ordered by linking root domains. A drill down on that page provides you with individual page information. Wow! That’s good. We’ve also added mozRank and given you more decimal places where relevant. Cool!

Sorting Settings

Link Juice iPhone App Sort Order

“What are Linking Pages sorted by (some kind of indicator would be nice)”
Danny Dover, SEOmoz

We’ve introduced a new settings button that is specific to the metric that you’re looking at. If you click on the gears icon (at the top right), you can select the sort order of the metric.

Deep Linking

MajescticSEO iPhone App
SEMRush iPhone App

“Link through to the correct page on MajesticSEO”
Dixon Jones, MajesticSEO

We’ve now built in the MajesticSEO and SEMRush statistics. Right in to the iPhone app. When you click on More Detail, you’ll open up the relevant page on the MajesticSEO or SEMRush site. That’s cool.

What’s next?

One popular request is saved domains and history. We’re looking in to this but it could be tricky – drop us a comment below if you’ve got some ideas. Also, many of you have said:

“What about Android?”
Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz

We’re looking in to it and we’d really like to make it the best SEO app for android!

The Update

So, if you haven’t downloaded the app or if you haven’t updated, go and do that now!

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