About Link Juice App

Link Juice App was conceived by a couple of SEO practitioners who have spent many years trawling through various data sources to gain that competitive edge over competing sites. We’ve developed a good understanding of what constitutes valuable and concise SEO information – vital for the Link Juice iPhone application.

SEO Data Sources

The Link Juice App access data from the reliable APIs of recognised third party services offered by SEM Rush, Majestic SEO, SEOMoz and Yahoo! Site Explorer. If you’d like to recommend any other reliable search data sources that will enhance Link Juice App, please feel free to contact us and we’ll see if we can get the best suggestions into the next app update.

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How Does This Help An SEO Specialist?

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Pulling together data and metrics from lots of different online sources can be confusing. Definitions, collection methods and meanings attributed to nearly every aspect of internet traffic can be debated for endless hours.

So what we’ve produced is an efficient and simple to use mobile phone application which allows you to see the in depth link analysis results for an domain, sub-domain or page from the SEO industry’s leading data providers.

We’re not claiming to offer any SEO secrets or previously unheard of algorithm insights. We’ll leave that up to the spammers!

Link Juice App offers you the ability to concisely gauge where a site stands in the search engine market with the couple of touches on your touch screen mobile phone.

Link Juice App’s Introductory Price

We believe Link Juice App provides an unbeatable service available from any other SEO focused mobile phone applications (please correct us if you believe there are better features available out there). But we have plans to expand the Link Juice App features even further.

We’re looking at adding some pretty graphs to help summarise your results, providing more data, more data sources and more in depth analysis.

So, although we believe this is a killer app already, we’ve put an introductory price on it for a limited time. Get it whilst it’s young!

Download Link Juice App

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Link Juice App - the search engine app for the iPhone - offers an unbeatable backlink analysis of any domain, sub-domain or website. Can you afford not to have it?

The SEO app is the most comprehensive iPhone application available for the search engine optimisation community and is available in the App Store today.

The Link Juice SEO app is available for a discounted introductory price for a limited period only!

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